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Welcome to the Cosmic Lane!

Edge of the Galaxy, 3024. The Milky Way has been conquered by humans & aliens centuries ago and is now divided into Space Nations.

To improve commerce and cultural exchanges, SN created the Galactic Lanes, signaled tunnels for fast travels fixed in the space thanks to circular probes and orbital portals. 

In short times, the Milky Way became a road-centric culture: space bikers and nomads joined explorers trying to map the depths of the galaxy, while Corporations and space families opened starshops, space-motels, drive-ins, and entire space cities.

Dangerous routes begin to appears on the maps to help SN and Corporations get faster and faster. This was an allure for young and reckless delivery people with fast Spacesuits: they began to work as couriers or messengers to fulfill their dreams or just obtain lots of money from commissions.

They are called Venturers, space scoundrels, bonded by the perils of their paths. They developed an instinct camaraderie and they help each other. 

Sometimes their contractors give them opposite directive to follow, but they believe in a respectful competition. Rouge drivers and space pirates can sometimes influence their direction and reputation — but it’s part of the game. 

At the same time, Venturers are very curious and interested in shortcut to their dreams. They all know the rule: if it’s too shiny, it’s a FREAKING SHORTCUT that will never lead you where you want… but they are curious and any chance for exploration is a chance for earnings!

Sorry for typos and mistake, it's been a blast to participate to the Your Move contest!
I will release new versions in the future thanks to your feedbacks!

Versione Italiana in arrivo!


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Here an image from Pixabay! I was very impressed by the similarity in the atmosphere and imagery with Venturers of the Cosmic Lane.

- Daniele 

Yesterday evening we made the first playtest... and it was SO fun! :D

We played during an event called "GDR al Buio", which could be translated into "Mysterious Game Night": you don't know what TTRPG you will play until you show up at the event! 

The fiction was easily understand (I mean, "space deliveries workers") and we spotted few easy-to-correct part — which will be added to the rules after the Contest is done.

Here's some photo!