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Bike Shedding Design is a story game about a design company who tries not to procastinate, failing at it.

It was written for the 2020 Mapemunde Jam, arriving 3 minutes after the deadline.
It was a calculated move.

The game is a prototype, written in unease circumstances and with Google Slides — as all works should be done, trust me.

In the game, you create your company, meets some "blind" client demands, try to fullfil them without even know them... and fail. 

Great inspirations for the game were "The Quiet Year", of which the game is a partial hack, plus Edoardo Cremaschi’s Whatever Solution Big Client Tender Offer and John Harper’s Blades in the Dark. 


Bike Shedding Design - Mapamounde 2020.pdf 1 MB
Bike Shadding Design — Google Drive Link

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